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Introducing to you my first ever monthly hormone membership program, this has been a long time in the making and I couldn't be more excited! 

My own journey with hormone imbalance has been wreaked with over-exercising, under eating, chronic stress, major gut imbalances and debilitating fatigue.  

I'm happy to say I'm now in a state of balance that requires less work and time with the proper protocol. I no longer feel the need to be counting every calorie and morsel of food or spending hours on the treadmill to try to achieve a certain look or body composition.

We know starving ourselves or spending hours in the gym isn't going to get us the results we want.   We also know we can't do some extreme detox plan or take a zillion supplements to stay consistent.  A customized plan needs to be highly-effective to get the results we want while being affordable enough not to break the bank.

With all this being said, I wanted to roll out a monthly hormone membership program because I wanted to make sure you'd stay on track and be consistent but didn't want to create a barrier to getting started.  

So, I created this 3-month membership with these things in mind: results-driven, affordable, customized, holistic, and goal-oriented. 

Besides, hormone and metabolic balancing take time--your hormones aren't something that can be fixed in 2 weeks.  I felt like I'd be doing you a total disservice if I didn't offer you something longer.  This way you can adjust and modify your plan over time without feeling rushed and overwhelmed--and quite candidly, get RESULTS!

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What You Can Expect With #WholeHealthInstitute

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Step #1:  Sign Up For Your New Journey!

Once you sign up, a member of our team will reach out to welcome you and set the stage for getting started.

Step #2:  Get Your Labs Done.

The program includes an initial custom lab panel. Labs are super important and get to the ROOT of your issues. This is all about laying a foundation and creating a personalized plan for you!

Step #3:  Talk To The Doctor, Review Results.

Once we receive your lab results our team will reach out and schedule your initial visit with our highly trained healthcare provider.

Step #4:  Get Ongoing Support.

As we navigate the plan together, you'll get follow-up visits with your provider as needed to continually update and customize your personalized plan.

Hi, I'm Kim!  :)

I'm Kim Schaper, Creator of #WholeHealthInstitute and CEO of Kim Schaper.

Over the last 15 years, I've tried everything from starvation to over-exercising to triathlons and dieting and nothing worked.

I'd always end up regaining the weight and then some once I was "off plan" because I was messing with my metabolism.

Until I started doing different.

I started getting curious why I was tired all the time (hello hypothyroid) and why I was dealing with severe bloat (hello gut imbalances).

You see....It's a WHOLE HEALTH approach.

Just like you can't do fitness without proper nutrition, you can't lose weight and feel amazing without looking at the your hormones.

I always come back to hormones.

Why?  Because your hormones influence your appetite, energy levels and things going on with your metabolism.

Hormone balance has become one of the SINGLE most important areas to review for weight loss, anti-aging, mood, sex drive and energy.

Hormone balance truly about "aging gracefully", and I am so excited to finally roll out a super-comprehensive and amazing 3-month membership, specially designed for you!

What Women Are Saying

"My hot flashes disappeared and I had much more energy. But my favorite "side effect" is much improved quality of sleep. I'm able to sleep through the night without waking. I love bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and would recommend it to anyone!"

- Nancy B.

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